The Greater Rochester NY area has one of the tightest housing markets we’ve seen in many years. Ask any agent or house hunter. The selection is down, especially in prime locations for younger buyers looking for their first home or buyers with children looking to be in a good school district. There is so much competition that houses are still going for thousands over asking price.

So what does that mean for every buyer out there? Get a dedicated Buyer’s Agent to make sure you see every available home in your search area and price range.

A Buyer’s Agent has access to the MLS (Multiple Listing System, a database where all locally listed houses are listed) and most likely has a network of real estate agents they can get localized information from. These two things will make your new home search much more efficient and effective. Going it alone will most likely end in frustration and losing out on your dream home to better positioned buyers.

A Buyer’s Agent will also help you through the entire home buying process. They will also have a list of service providers to help you with mortgage, attorney, inspector, and other specialty needs. The added benefit of not having to find these specialized professionals on your own will save you a ton of time.

When it comes to buying a house, having someone with you to guide you through paperwork, negotiating price, and advocating for you with home sellers is priceless. It’s also free to you! That’s right, you do not pay for your agent. The commission for the Buyer’s Agent is part of the selling agent’s commission. So why would you not take advantage of your own personal advocate in the house buying process? The answer should be, there is no reason why you shouldn’t.

We hope this helps with your house hunting and home buying process. All of us at The Slusser Team are always more than willing to offer advice and services to make your experience the best it can be. Just reach out  whenever you are ready to get the help you deserve. Enjoy the rest of your summer!