It’s been a great summer for Rochester and the surrounding area! Lot’s of heat, lots of swimming weather, and lots of time to be outdoors. Sunshine and cool breezes, what could be better?

Even with all the wonderful weather, you might not be as happy as you’d like to be. Many of us are suffering from terrible allergies. The hot and humid days, added with what seems to be never ending road construction, and other environmental factors have lead to multiple air quality warnings in the area.

Most of us have chosen to beat the heat and humidity inside with air conditioners or central air. But there is one caveat a lot of us forget about…cleaning and replacing the filters. If you are running central air, make sure to change out your furnace filter every couple of months, a HEPA filter that can trap pollen is recommended for those that suffer from allergies. For those that have stand alone air conditioners and window units, make sure to clean the filter at least once. We may be getting close to the end of the season for AC, but we still have a few days ahead, and a lot of pollen, dust, and other allergens to contend with.

If your tired of not having central air, maybe it’s time to upgrade your HVAC or time to move. Houses with anything other than forced air systems can be costly to renovate for a forced air system. Window units have come a long way for energy efficiency, but they are no where near as efficient, safe, or maintainable as HVAC. We at The Slusser Team can help you sell your current house and find your new, more allergy friendly home. Just give us a call. (585) 341-8698 or contact us here.

Enjoy the rest of the wonderful weather and have a great autumn!