It’s never too early to prep for the upcoming cold months. Here are some tips to help you keep your home warm and comfortable.

1.Add Attic Insulation

We all know heat rises. Needles to say, it also escapes from the top of your home without proper insulation. This can be very costly in the long run, especially with a few cold winters.

The best thing you can do is to make sure you have the proper amount and type of insulation in your attic or roof. This is one of those “it’s better to hire a pro” jobs (give us a call and we can recommend one for you 341-8698), but you can do it yourself. If you choose to go it alone, check out this handy article from for the tips and tricks.

2. Weather stripping on exterior doors

A cheap and easy DIY fix. Look at all your exterior doors to see if the weatherstripping is till intact. If sections are missing or have been completely flattened, it’s time to add some new material. Make sure to measure the entire inside of the door frame and the width and thickness of the weather stripping. Then visit your local hardware or home improvement store and purchase what you need. A door skirt is also something that may help, depending on your situation.

3. Program your thermostat

A ton of money is lost by improper settings of the thermostat. Cranking the heat up when your home and then turning it way down below 60 degrees when you’re gone, is not an efficient way to heat your home. Generally setting a simple program with a max 10 degree difference between high and low temps is recommended. Set it and forget it. Your energy bill will be lower and your wallet will thank you.

4. Change your Ceiling Fan direction for cold months

The colder months are the time to set your ceiling fans to spin clockwise. Doing this draws cold air up to be warmed and then circulates the warmer air. You only need to run your fans at a low speed, and you can run them only when you have programmed your heat to be on. This will help you save a little on your energy bill, and circulate the air in your home.

5. Change your furnace filter and have the furnace checked and cleaned

Replacing your furnace filter every few months has a ton of benefits. Especially if you have pets. Keeping the air clean from dander, hair, dust, and pollen as is drawn into your furnace will help ensure it runs more efficiently and blows cleaner air through your vents. Eliminating allergens and lowering the risk of sickness.

Enjoy the rest of the wonderful weather and have a great autumn!