Traditionally November is a great month for all the special people in our life. Most of us gather at the end of the month with friends and family to have a great feast and share good company. We sit around tables in a nice warm home and reminisce about old times, talk about the future, and joke about the present. It’s a time for being close to those we hold special.

November is also a time for us here at The Slusser Team to give thanks to all of the every day heroes who sometimes don’t get the recognition they deserve. To recognize the service of active and retired firefighters, nurses, teachers, paramedics, police officers and military service personnel (all branches) and all the dedication and work they have put in to be in their respective fields.

These everyday heroes have long provided for all of us to enjoy freedoms and safety, as well as expanding the minds of so many. Many go unappreciated and under appreciated. Heroes should be recognized, even of they don’t wear capes or letters on their chests.

So here’s to the Everyday Heroes, Thank You!

Here’s to the :
Firefighters, paramedics, police, nurses, teachers, and military personnel, both active and retired.

We at The Slusser Team would like to recognize you and all you have done. We hope others do the same.

Have a great November everyone.